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First comes love, then comes marriage.

Posted by veritasirons on April 20, 2011 at 2:32 PM Comments comments (0)

sheeiiiiiiiiiit...alot has happened since my last entry. ill give you a quick run down...tattooing, building, machines, lodge, bachelor party, marriage, honey it? cool...on to new business.

im looking forward to doing some more conventions this year. ill be down at the cape fear jammer in N Carolina. soon after that ill be doing  a convention in my hometown of Atlantic city.  should be fun. other than that i'm just hooking up the grille for spring and summer... my wife and i are looking forward to surfing and relaxing a bit as the last 9 months or so has been pretty stressful with the wedding and all. time for happily ever after i guess!!! building a grip of machines, so if any of y'all want a liner or a  shader that's are gonna rule hard as hell, holler atchur boy. other than that, i'm booking appointments into the middle of may and still jamming walk-ins Friday and Saturday if you want something smallish....yeah buddy...thanks for reading...PEACE!!!

secret brooklyn mission to smith st.

Posted by veritasirons on February 27, 2011 at 9:29 AM Comments comments (1)

this week I snuck away with the birthday boy Matt P. to Brooklyn to visit the dudes at Smith Street Tattoo. Matt had an appointment with Bert Krak and I was just tagging along to see if i could get a small tattoo from him. Bert Blasted a sick Mike Wilson panther head on Matt and I got a scythe and crossbones. good shit. we also got to meet Eli Quinters and Steve Boltz., both were  very nice and gracious dudes. I got to yak with Bert a bit while getting tattooed. He has a new model of machine coming out that is a chrome version of a Charley Wagner shader. pretty sick cut back. anyways...

this week was crazy but short...a bunch of tattoos and people making appointments. boiling points of frustration and moments of clarity. but over-all, fun was had.

i worked on a liner for JR Tubbs from Ohio. Its a nickled and copppered runs nice, i'm gonna keep it for a week and make sure its perfect. it looks cool...real scummy copper finish.

here is the tattoo i copped off of Bert...

id rather be skating...

Posted by veritasirons on February 18, 2011 at 3:28 PM Comments comments (1)

I know...who in their right mind would whine about being a tattooer?  I could be worse. but shit man, all i wanna do is go skate!!! i just set up a new stick and im trying to get more that 3 days in this year. fucking pathetic...3 days? am i that old? i remember not long ago when i bugged out for not skating more than 3 days a week!!! gah....just too busy with Tattooing and building machines and the new house and wedding stuff  and on top of all duties as an officer at Unity  Lodge of F.&A.M....

Anyways...I got to tattoo one of my favorite people on earth this week, my friend Devon Connell. i've known him since he was a little shit and wore cargo pants that were 10 sizes too big for him. his momma used to come into the Garden( the old skate shop that i worked at as a kid...) an i could sell her anything. well, he's is all growed up and still skating hard. i love skating with him. he's got a smooth original style that is hard to duplicate. he is super quiet and humble and listens to all my bullshit and laughs at my stupid jokes. he always has. he is a great kid.

Recently, well more like a year or two ago, his older brother Joel died. Joel is the one who set his little brother up skateboarding in the first place. Joel was a great dude also and will be missed. Devon always talks about all the insane things they did together skateboarding and such. FSD was an early skate crew that they formed. Fuck Shit Damn....something like that...real classy shit...

so...Devon got a box-cutter with FSD on it. Devon is gnarly. Joel was Gnarly. a box-cutter??? pretty fucking gnarly.

shout out to Donna and Potato Connell......

So...I'm at the shop....waiting around to drown in walk-ins on a Friday night...dreaming about skateboarding....I wouldnt have it any other way.


Posted by veritasirons on February 12, 2011 at 12:39 PM Comments comments (0)

WHEEEEW!!! Philly was goddamn insane!!! i tattooed ALOT... pretty much open to close all three days. sold some machines to some great people, drank some High Lifes and generally blasted non-stop through all the rad people and conversations. saw some old friends and met some new ones. that's pretty much what its all about, you know?

i pretty much just tattooed a bunch of SJ stuff and a bunch of rip-puts from my stupid mini sketch book. it was really fun!!! id like to thank Kelly and Kristen from Artful Ink in Long island for letting me hang in their booth and being so gracious. especially since everybody they brought with them got a little something from me. Jared Smalley from Luck of the Draw in Millville for copping  SJ Butterfly on the hand. Des Mooney from White Lotus in Toms River  for copping some machines. Nik from Full coverage for buying that Pinky shader, and Chicago's own, Johnny McDevitt for getting a set of nickled up Sage's.

Mega shout outs to JR Tubbs, Krooked Ken, Megan Murphy, Paco Rollins, Dave Kruseman, Mike Hooligan, Beau from Daredevil, Chris Amilie, Scott Lukacs,Logan, John Jagusak, Wilkie,Kieth Titus, Mike Sederio (love this dude!!!), Mike Chambers, Ken Karnage, Matt Peterson and last but not least, Scott Sylvia for signing some flash for my boy Josh for his birthday.

Philly was one of the best shows i have ever worked, see you next year!!!

Im Buggin' out trying to get ready for Philly...

Posted by veritasirons on February 1, 2011 at 4:11 PM Comments comments (0)

The week before a convention is always stressful.  My back is all knotted up and I have a severe sinus headache from nickel and copper plating with out a mask...Here is a little something I've been working on for the past couple of days...Big up to Mr. Tony Urbanek for providing the coil deck and spring deck ( and for letting me nibble on  his style a little...)  speaking of Rigga Tony, it is his Birthday today!!! Here's to enjoying another year of traveling, splitting booths and talking shit.... My man...Happy Birthday!!! it is. Antiqued, riveted, brazed and waxed (in no particular order).  Blue Gingham coils to match your hipster ass shirt.  this machine is available on the site or you can cop it in Philly this weekend along with a grip of other stuff.

Blogs Schmogs...

Posted by veritasirons on January 26, 2011 at 3:51 PM Comments comments (0)

So i guess im the last dude on earth to have a blog. oh well, better late than never. here is a flick of some ripping tattoo i did on Joe last week. i hope you enjoy it. in the meantime, i will try to update this thing every week with tattooing, paintings and machines. some random bullshit here and there. thoughts on life, love and tattooing. i know you've all been dying waiting for the worst grammatical and spelling errors you could possibly fit into one paragraph, well here it is. my blog.